Leukolion Informatics

/ˈluː.kə.laɪ.ən ˌɪnfəˈmætɪks/

3D technology is an emerging sector that is being embraced by academy and business nowadays because it brings our imagination to life.

Leukolion Informatics targets to be a leading provider of 3D technologies in the field of modelling, texturing, lighting and animating.

About us

Today, digitalization; It shows itself in all areas of life, especially in the fields of health, agriculture, transportation, logistics, production and education. With the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), more than 91% of students worldwide have been adversely affected and have moved away from face-to-face teaching.

Due to the pandemic situation, Leukolion Informatics started its services in order to meet the need to design, produce and develop new tools and methods in order to ensure continuity in academy, business and industry especially in the perspectives of using 3D.